Chisyn manufacturing , is our products manufacturing division with key partnerships in China.  Significant investments in key manufacturing facilities in China, coupled with a team of  high calibre engineers, process specialists and responsive  logistics, led by experienced industry management , allows us to deliver high quality products in today’s dynamic global environment.

We employ personnel with diverse backgrounds and specialties. Manufacturing specialists, mechanical, electrical, and chemical engineers, logistic experts are part of the in-house support for your projects.

We represent you the customer in all vendor negotiations using our volume to leverage the best deals with the best applicable factories. With every project we have optional factories ready to ramp up production; so if the unexpected happens, customers will still receive their shipment on time with no discrepancies.

We currently have warehouses in the United States, Canada and China and expanding to the middle east by the end of this year. Our strategic warehouse locations provide our customers the assurance of controlled inventory to provide on-time delivery even in case of unexpected events.

Our focus is you, our customer. We provide 24 hour, 7 days a week support for all our products and services.

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